Thirsty Cow is a nationally registered Charity and is a Volunteer based public benevolent institution. The effects of natural disasters on Australian farmers, graziers and their families are well documented and can result in hardships including loss of livelihood and unemployment. This can eventuate into financial or other distress including helplessness, exhaustion or illness.

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Thirsty Cow Volunteers

Thirsty Cow’s willing voluntary assistants is drawn in the main from people who are either aware of difficult circumstances surrounding a distressed situation (i.e. other locals) and/or in many cases those benefactors/donors whose skills, products or services offer immediate assistance or relief to the affected people in some way.

Thirsty Cow’s invaluable assistance in many situations of distress has been accomplished without publicity so as to preserve the privacy and dignity of those in need, but in fact there are hundreds who are aware of the relief work accomplished so quietly, and stand by as very willing volunteers should they be called on again.

Thirsty Cow’s primary volunteer is Thirsty Cow’s founder Greg Douglas, who’s selfless enthusiasm in organizing the many and varied ‘rescue missions’ over the period, has bought him into contact with businesses and individuals who have willingly offered their services; be that in providing machinery, loading or unloading trucks, delivering fodder & food packages, replacing fences, relocating stock, providing water via establishing bores, attending to the welfare of individuals and entire families who in many cases were absolutely overwhelmed by the gravity and despair of their circumstances.

Thirsty Cow has been able to extend its operation when required through South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland all of which has been undertaken by volunteers, with the required materials (donated) being transported gratis and manhandling, construction, social welfare etc all attended to along the way by volunteers.

Our volunteer network encompasses 4 States and will become nationwide as Thirsty Cow expands its services