You’ve seen the headlines.

You may even be personally affected. The bushfires are some of the worst in history.

For those whose livelihoods have been damaged or even destroyed, what happens when the fires are out, the dust settles, and the TV cameras move on?

These towns have already been inundated in clothes and food. What they need now is funding. Thirsty Cow needs your help to give these people what they need to rebuild their businesses and their lives.

With your help Thirsty Cow’s first priority is to provide:

  • Temporary accommodation modules – 100 dongas @ $10,000 each

  • Furniture packs (to furnish the dongas)  – 100 packs @ $5,000 each

  • Power generators – 100 @ $500 each

  • Shipping containers for people’s storage – 100 @ $3,000 on average

Total fund goal = $1,580,000

Part of the Rewards4Earth Foundation, Thirsty Cow is a registered not-for-profit charity, with deductible gift recipient ATO status, that helps rural Australian communities recover from natural disasters. It relies on your donations to support communities in the following ways:

Thirsty Cow’s three priorities for bushfire-affected regional Australians:

Immediate need, e.g. food, shelter/housing, medical assistance, security Personal well-being e.g. mental health support; counselling Economic infrastructure recovery e.g. fencing, livestock recovery, rebuilding etc.
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