What we do!

Thirsty Cow has cared, or organised care, for hundreds of farmers in need who are adversely affected by natural disaster by offering support, whether it is financial, moral or in kind by gathering, transporting and delivering fodder, fencing, vehicle maintenance and animal care to farmers in need.

Australians rely on our farmers.  Without farmers we are not able to eat, access primary products or enjoy life’s other simple pleasures.

Bushfires, floods and drought have taken a huge toll on many Australian farmers.  Whilst prices in the supermarkets have risen over time, the prices paid to farmers as the primary producers, has barely risen in real terms. Farmers are not able to access redundancy payments or superannuation pay outs although they have put in long hours in all kinds of weather and conditions.

Proud of their rural heritages, many farmers find it hard to ask for assistance. Thirsty Cow guarantees complete privacy for those we are able to assist.

There is no doubt that volunteers freely given time and selfless efforts have saved lives and eased what were considered insurmountable problems to stricken farmers and their families, yet they have continued to go about their work unheralded and with a total confidentiality for those they assist.