Expos and Events

Thirsty Cow Spectator Expos & Events Programs

Thirsty Cow and its co-operative promotional partners will hold spectator expos and events during the year at an events centre located in S E Queensland providing an immediate surrounding audience to support events/field day programmes.

Expos and Events

The events to be hosted at the Events Centre featuring all aspects of country living and lifestyles, agricultural products, plant and machinery, clean water storage, affordable climate-wise construction, alternative energy, country tourism, camping, fishing and caravans etc.

Sporting Events which hi-light the great range of skills that have evolved from life on the land i.e. Camp Drafting, Polox, Endurance Riding, Rodeo etc.

Music and Art Festivals relative to the above themes will initially be hosted at the Events centre then taken on a Roadshow to other regions in conjunction with Racing Events.

All of the Exhibitors will be approved Thirsty Cow Charity contributors and enjoy the privileges of being preferred suppliers as endorsed by the Charity to all rural communities.

Enquire now to participate in Thirsty Cows expos and events.