Become a Matching Gift Partner

What Are Matching Gift Programs?

Extensions of corporate philanthropy, matching gift programs are designed to be the means by which companies support employee charitable giving. Companies match donations made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits.

Workplace Giving & Employee Engagement – providing employees with opportunity to make financial donations directly from their pay cheque to the Thirsty Cow Charity.

Workplace giving is the most common component of employee engagement. These programs give employees a voice in where their company’s philanthropic dollars end up.

Engaged employees are also happier, stay with companies longer, and are more philanthropically minded.

Combining the Power of Individuals with Companies

One donation is always welcome. Matching gifts give nonprofits the opportunity of two donations, doubling the generosity of the donor with the companies support.Become a matching gift partner

Employee engagement

Employee engagement programs help attract and retain employees.

Well-designed corporate social responsibility program can increase employee engagement, increase employee productivity, reduce employee turnover by and increase company revenue.

Tax benefits of corporate matching gift programs

The tax benefit of an employee matching gift program is a tax deduction on the employees and company’s earned annual income.

The company receives the added benefit from supporting the Charity which employees are passionate about.

If you’re an employer and support Thirsty Cow’s mission, then enquire now to become a partner in Thirsty Cows “Matching Gift” program.