Rural Skills Australia

Thought about a career as an agricultural food scientist or agricultural engineer, maybe a landscape gardener, floral designer or perhaps something entirely different like a mounted policeman, stable foreman, equine veterinary technician or any other equine related job.

In 2018 Thirsty Cow will be introducing exciting educational programs relating to Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation Land Management, Equine and related Horse Industries Training.  This is an impelling time for Thirsty Cow as we continue to develop new ideas and initiatives to provide continued and sustained relief to Australian farmers, graziers and their families suffering financial or other distress arising from the effects of natural disasters such as severe drought, flood and bushfire and their resulting hardships including loss of livelihood and unemployment.

Thirsty Cow is therefore very pleased to announce that it will be partnering with its participating Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and Rural Skills Australia (RSA) to deliver an innovative online training experience to support various qualifications from the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation Land Management Training package, along with some related industry specific short courses.  Thirsty Cow hopes this unique approach to training and education will support individuals to reshape enterprise workplace practices, and manage skills and staff development.

Rural Skills Australia (RSA) is also a not-for-profit organisation that has worked over many years to foster improved rural and related industry involvement in structured education and training, with a view to enhancing the skills and capabilities of new entrants, existing workers and primary producers alike.

Thirsty Cow is committed to creating sustainable opportunities for our Aussie farmers and their families.